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Toyotake Yamashironoshojo

Toyotake Yamashironoshojo

This is a recording of a performance of a gidayu—the essential music of traditional Japanese puppet theater, bunraku—by Toyotake Yamashironoshojo (also known as Toyotake Koutsubodayu II), a leading joruri reciter during the Showa period. He is also remembered as the teacher of Takemoto Sumitayu, a Living National Treasure of bunraku, who died on April 28, 2018. Rekion's Introductory Guide to Japanese Historical Recordings Japanese Traditional Music in Modern Times: Focusing on gidayu-bushi describes Toyotake in its fourth chapter as an artist “recognized for accurate joruri from his skillful change in tone and intellectual recitation delivery. If the performance styles of TAKEMOTO Osumidayu III, TAKEMOTO Tosatayu VI, and TAKEMOTO Tsudayu III recall the Edo-Early Modern era, TOYOTAKE Koutsubodayu II can said to show the modern joruri style. The influence that it has had on today's bunraku and its spectators is inestimable.”


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