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Bon festival dance

Example of Bon festival dance

This is a Bon festival dance song from the Soma area in the northeastern part of Fukushima Prefecture. Originally, it was a Jinku* that appeared in Akita Prefecture, but it was transmitted to the Soma area via Yamagata Prefecture and became established as a folk song there. After the Pacific War, Masao Suzuki I, the folk singer, made this arrangement. His records gained popularity, and this song spread throughout the country. Since then, this song has been used as a Bon festival dance song not only in the Soma area but also in areas without unique Bon songs. The Historical Recordings Collection also has other versions of "Soma Bon Uta", such as "Mambo Soma Bon Uta".
*A Jinku is a form of traditional Japanese song, characteristic for having a syllabic structure of 7-7-7-5 forming one chorus.


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