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Taro Shoji

Taro Shoji

This is a hit song by Taro Shoji, who was born 120 years ago in December 1898. It is also the theme song of the movie Asataro Akagi no Uta, set in Mount Akagi and featuring Chuji Kunisada, a kyokaku (Japanese gangster) who really existed in the Edo era, and his henchman, Asataro. The lyrics are simple, so many people, not limited to those who appreciated the movie, have loved this song through the generations. The Historical Recordings Collection also has "Akagi no Komoriuta", an audio recording of naniwa-bushi (recitation and singing of stories of loyalty and human feeling to shamisen accompaniment), recited by Baio Kasugai. This recitation was brought about by the success of Shoji's song.


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