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Noguchi Ujo

Noguchi Ujo

This is a nursery song created by a poet, NOGUCHI Ujo (1882-1945), and a composer, MOTOORI Nagayo (1885-1945). Ujo and Nagayo worked to popularize nursery songs and released many famous songs, such as “Jugoya Otsukisan,” ”Nanatsu no Ko” and “Akai Kutsu.”
This song describes the anxious feelings of a doll coming from a foreign country. At that time, people were very interested in international friendship and so this song became popular. After the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, Nagayo and his daughters held concerts in the United States to thank the American people for their help and it is said that this song was the most popular. In this recording, Nagayo’s daughter, MOTOORI Midoriko, is singing.


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