Rekion / Historical Recordings Collection / National Diet Library, Japan

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This material is available only within the facilities of the NDL and on the site of the partner libraries.

FunctionMouse operationsKeyboard operations
PlayPlay ButtonP
PausePause ButtonP
StopStop ButtonS
Frame advanceFrame Advance ButtonCtrl+→:Frame advance
Ctrl+←:Frame back
Resize the viewer size to 4:34:3 ButtonW
Resize the viewer size to 16:916:9 ButtonW
Jump to a specific pointSeek Bar
You can drag the Seek Bar.
Shift+→: +10seconds
Shift+←: -10seconds
MuteMute ButtonMute button (with mute)M
Adjust the volumeVolume Slider↑↓
Change the playback speedChange the playback speedU:+25%